January 7, 2016

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PREMO S.L. is a leading manufacturer in transponder coils focused on automotive market applications such as RKES (remote keyless entry systems), immobilisers, TPMS (tyre pressure monitoring systems), animal identification and industrial logistics applications.

We are pioneers in the introduction on SMD transponder coils working at 125kHz, launched in 1995. Our strong bet for continuous development and innovation leads PREMO RFID components to introduce in 1998 the first isotropic 3D coil for KES in the world and in 2003 a new chip-on-ferrite solution for animal ID.

Innovative products with the latest available technologies and high quality incorporated to revolutionary designs make our competitive difference.

Highly qualified engineers develop in Malaga and Wuxi PREMO RFID products, then they’re manufactured in Wuxi and Tangier plants. The sample manufacturing laboratory is in Malaga.

PREMO RFID transponders advantages are broad range of cost-effective standard products, customized designs R&D capability, market´s highest sensitivity and lower profile, different mechanical options for different requirements, highest raw material quality and performance and high quality standards ISO TS.

PREMO’s portfolio range include SMD ceramic RF chip inductors, SMD ferrite RF chip inductors, single axis transponder Inductors, 3-Axes transponder inductors (3DCoils), emitter antennas, time signal LF receiver antennas, telecoils, tags, glass tube antennas and coreless coils.