Corporate profile

In 1987, Jocelyne and Daniel Bergeron founded DB LECTRO Inc. to provide real alternatives to the traditional procurement methods for electronic components by Canadian and American OEM manufacturers. Their sons François and Mathieu joined the team a few years later, in order to meet a constant growth while ensuring a strong succession.

Over the years, DB LECTRO has developed and maintained strategic alliances with major component manufacturers throughout the world. Certified ISO, they quickly adopted the RoHS standards to meet industry requirements.

These associations enable the Company to offer products that are identical to the best brands in the industry. DB LECTRO offers high-quality, innovative and cost-effective solutions to its customers by providing the necessary assistance in the search for the best alternatives at the design stage for new products and during their maturity when it becomes necessary to reduce costs.

Over the course of our 30-year history, the Company has adjusted to new market trends and realities, resulting in an enviable position. As a member of the Electronic Industry Industry Association (ECIA), we are committed to providing only the electronic components produced by the manufacturers we represent. Thus, the possibility of obtaining counterfeit parts is non-existent.

As a result, our business partners’ brands appear on an increasing number of original equipment manufacturer material records (BOMs), confirming customer confidence in the company.

Establishing the name of DB LECTRO firmly and obtaining recognition for the quality of its products has been and remains our ultimate goal. Our qualified and professional staff sees our clients as their top priority and upholds the highest ethical standards in the conduct of their day-to-day operations. Their many years in our service guarantee you total satisfaction.

As an authorized and ISO9001 certified supplier, DB LECTRO offers a wide range of standard and customized electronic and electromechanical components, from the highest quality to the most competitive prices, with better delivery times and favorable terms and conditions.