DB Lectro will provide a real opportunity for you to succeed…


As we continue to expand and grow, we always search for committed and trained experts who are ready to join our ranks. 

Several good reasons to choose DB Lectro

Family values: We truly live and breathe family values at DB Lectro! As a second generation family-owned company, this is part of our DNA. Not only are we open to work-life balance, but the fundamental principles of family guide our close collaboration with our colleagues, customers and suppliers.

Respect: We believe that life is based on respect for people, cultures and the environment. Our strength is to persevere, forge ahead and win together with our partners in a respectful manner. Every single person is respected and treated with appreciation and gratitude. We apply and abide by an open communication philosophy in all our internal processes. 

we speak truthfully

We're open to discussion and we tell it like it is. Because communicating with sincerity and honesty brings us together and gives us the power to move forward. The customer'S satisfaction is our priority 
and we do it right.


DB Lectro is dedicated to providing you with benefits that promote your well-being, as well as work life balance. Enjoy incentives such as one-week paid vacation over the holidays, a bank of 37.5 hours for personal absences and tuition allowances. 

The work environment

We encourage teamwork and we do everything we can to make it work. Our dinner hours are spent getting to know each other better in an active environment such as a games room with pool table and electronic games.