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Read more about the feature product: The soldering tip

The soldering tip is the “heart” of the soldering iron and responsible for the heat transfer from the heating element via solder to the solder joint. Depending on the soldering iron and application, different types of tips are available. Prerequisites for good solder joints are the correct soldering iron tip shape, perfect heat transfer, a good condition of the tip and reliable stability. For an optimal heat transfer from the heating element to the soldering tip, internally heated soldering tips are definitely superior to externally heated soldering tips. This difference in technology raises the level of efficiency of the whole soldering iron by up to 20 %. This is why a higher level of performance can be reached with the same input of energy. This advantage is implemented consequently, at all new universal soldering irons Ersa 15+, Ersa 25+ as well as Ersa 35+.

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