July 29, 2019

EPtronics, Inc. is a leading innovator, designer and manufacturer of LED power supplies. We develop and continuously grow our line of LED drivers based on field applications and input from customers including many leaders in the LED lighting industries.

As one of the few power conversion companies in the world with an exclusively dedicated focus in LED illumination power supplies, we take full advantage of our experience and resource in lighting power supply application as to offer products with exceptional performance.

For the last few years EPtronics has made significant investment for being able to offer products with advanced technology, high performance, reliability and a variety of selections for fast evolving and growing LED applications. With multiple design centers led by our U.S. design team and supported by our own cost effective factories that specialize in power supply manufacture, we are able to offer the greatest value for innovative and flexible models.

With world-wide headquarters in Los Angeles, our sale and design team are just a phone call away from offering you off-the-shelf LED drivers with the regulatory approvals that allow them to drop into your designs. If one of our current models is not perfect for your application, we can modify them or produce a unique LED driver to fit your needs.