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Unisonic Technologies Company Limited was set up in 1990, and it is the manufacturing supplier for high-tech semiconductor devices and IC design, and its products are mainly of Power Management and Audio Power Amplifier IC, supplemented with Motor Controller, Operational Amplifier, Transistor, MOSFET, Thyristor and Diode.

To find out about UTC complete range of semiconductors, see attached technical data,
and consult UNISONIC TECHNOLOGIES website.


Step-Up DC-DC Converter 
Part No. Features VIN(Range)(V) η() IO(mA) IQ(uA) Package
UC3506* 1V High Efficiency Synchronous Step-Up Converters 0.6V~5.5V Up to 92% 1000mA 18uA TSSOP-8
UC8383-XX 120KHz Max PFM Step-Up DC-DC Converters 0.8V ~ 5.5V Up to 85% Up to 100mA 18uA SOT-89
UC3383-XX PFM Controlled,Step-Up DC-DC Converters with Enable Function 0.9V ~ 10.0V Up to 85% Up to 50mA 5.3uA SOT-25 SOT-89
UC3382-XX* PWM/PFM Controlled,Step-Up DC-DC Converters and controller 0.9V~10.0V  85%(Typ) Up to 100mA 5uA SOT-25 SOT-89 SOT-89-5
UC3553-XX* High Efficiency Synchronous Step-Up DC-DC Converters
1.1V~5.5V Up to 92% Up to 300mA 20uA MSOP-8
UC2306-XX DC-DC Converters with Low-Battery Detector Active in Shutdown 1.5V ~ 8.0V Up to 85% 1000mA 120uA SOP-8 DIP-8
UC3555* 500mA PFM Synchronous Step-Up DC-DC Converters and Controller
(Vout=3.0V,3.3V,5.0V) with BAT Lo detection
1.6V~4.5V  95%(Typ) Up to 500mA 80uA TSSOP-8 MSOP-8 SOP-8
UC3551-XX* 450KHz High Efficiency Step-Up DC-DC Converters and Controller 2.0V~6.5V Up to 90% Up to 300mA 17uA SOT-26 SOT-89-5
UC3500-XX 150KHz Max VFM Step-Up DC-DC Converters (VO=2.5V~5V) 0.7V~7.0V  88%(Typ) Up to 150mA 18uA SOT-25 SOT-23 SOT-89
P2172* 100kHz, 1.25A High Efficiency Switching Regulators 3.0V~60.0V  80%(Typ) 1.25A 6mA DIP-8

Step-Up PWM DC-DC Controller

Part No. Features VIN(Range)(V) η() IO(mA) IQ(uA) Package
UC3380 PWM/PFM Step -Up Switching Regulator Controller(VO=1.8V~5.0V) 0.9V~10.0V 86% 80mA 0.5uA SOT-25
UC3550-XX 300KHz PWM Step-Up DC-DC Controller(VO=3.3V5.0V) 0.9V~8.0V 88% 150mA <200uA SOT-25
UC3552-XX Step-Up DC-DC Converters and PWM Controller 2.6V~5.5V 90% 1600mA 1200uA MSOP-8 SOP-8
DC-DC Converter(Step-Down /Step-Up)
Part No. Features VIN(Range)(V) η() ICC ISW(A) Package
3563 High-Efficiency DC-DC Converter 3.0V~30.0V 90% 1.6mA 1.5A DIP-8  SOP-8
MC34063/A Variable Frequency DC-DC Converter Controller IC
for Step-Up or Step-Down Voltage Converter
3.0V~40.0V 88% 2.7mA 1.5A DIP-8  SOP-8
UMC33167* 5A DC-DC Converter with Standby Mode
Step-Up or Step-Down or Inverse
7.5V~40.0V 80% 40mA Op
36uA stby
5.0A TO-252-5 TO-263-5